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Welcome to Commercial South African Properties

COMSAP is a property development and trading company, boasting an impressive track record in the residential and commercial property market with a fresh approach to property investment in South Africa.  COMSAP is involved in a variety of developments of retail centres, offices, residential townships, and the regeneration of existing buildings.  Our main focus is on taking raw land through the required processes and making developed land available to other developers to construct top structures.  Through professional project management and our dynamic professional teams, we can add real value to the process and speed up project timeframes.

To contact us:

Phone: +27 (0)12 365 2669

E-mail: admin@comsap.co.za

Professionals who can assist with the different development processes:

?/span> Feasibility studies

?/span> Zoning processes

?/span> Financial planning

?/span> Affordability studies

?/span> Business Plans

?/span> Project management

?/span> Build turnkey solutions for the?effective marketing,  selling, renting or leasing of your property.

We offer?/span>